Steps to Buying

Most new buyers wonder about the process for buying a home.  I am here to take the guess work out of the buying process.  The following are 10 steps to buying a home:

1. Choose a real estate agent. (Call me anytime.  I will be happy to help you start the process.)

2. Choose a lender. (You will need to be preappoved before you buy a home.  I can help you find a lender to help make this process easy and efficient.)

3.  Find out what price range of home you can afford.(The lender or loan originator will give you a range of value for a home that you can afford.  He/she will tell you what your monthly payments will be and how much closing costs you will need.)

4.   Look for a home. (This is where I come in again.  Once we have you approved and know your price range, I can start looking in our inventory for homes that meet your needs.)

5.   Write an offer on the home of your choice.(Once you pick a home, I will be there for you to write the offer and make sure we have all your needs covered in the offer.)

6.   Negotiate/accepted contract. (Once the offer is written, I will help you with negotiating the best deal for you.  Once the offer is accepted it becomes a contract and I will help you with the next steps of the process.)

7.  Loan approval-appraisal-insurance.(Once we have an accepted offer your loan originator will take care of getting the appropriate documentation from you, order the appraisal and help you with getting insurance and final approval.)

8.   Home inspection.(You will have a certain amount of days to do inspections once we have an accepted offer, usually 10 to 14 days.  I strongly encourage you to have a home inspection.  We have several home inspectors in our area and they will do an extensive inspection of the home and answer all your questions.)

9.  Close on the home.  (This is the day the home becomes yours.  We will sign the deed and other loan documents at a title company or attorney's office.  It is also the day I will give you the keys to your new home.)

10. Move in to new home.

The above information is a general outline of how the home process works.  So lets get started today with making your dream of home ownership a reality.  Call me at 337-540-2790.